Nightguards in Mill Woods, South Edmonton

A nightguard, is a removable oral appliance which covers your top teeth and creates a barrier between your top and bottom jaws. There are several types of night guards; stock night guards, boil-and-bite night guards, and custom nightguards. Nightguards that are custom made by a dentist, tend to be the most effective since they are designed to match your specific tooth and oral anatomy. Nightguards are recommended for patients who suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding, or clenching. Teeth grinding can lead to a number of dental issues such as premature wear and tear, enamel erosion, chips, fractures, and TMJ disorders. Patients who clench while sleeping may experience chronic headache, jaw pain, ear pain, hot and cold sensitivity, and pain when biting. Placing a barrier between your upper and lower teeth through the use of a night guard can help alleviate some of the pressure caused by teeth grinding.